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PS: Words are case-sensitive and inclusive of apostrophe. For e.g. - People's.

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Who We Are & What We Do?

EntroutWeb Inc. is fully committed to redefining the web user experience by offering world-class web solutions such as web design, graphic design, web development, mobile app development, search engine optimization, business branding, online marketing & outsourcing.

Web today has an unparalleled reach and has become a vital part of all our day-to-day lives. Therefore, we feel very passionate as an organization about what we do everyday in enhancing the worldwide web user experience.

All our services ranging from website design to online marketing are primarily focused upon making the web a more beautiful, accessible and resourceful place for all. We take pride in doing what we do and we strive to become better with each day.

We are a federally registered company under the Canada Business Corporations Act (corporation number 1100256-2) and are proudly based out of the capital city in Ottawa, ON.

Why Choose Us?

There are simply 3 reasons why you should choose us:

Partner Not Client
Our most important lesson from 10+ years of building websites is - "Customer satisfaction should always be the top priority". Therefore, at EntroutWeb you will always be treated as a partner, as we measure our success from yours.

Obsessed With Perfection
We always aim to create a masterpiece. Our passionate team of designers, developers and marketing experts are always willing to deliver you with the best quality work. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

24/7/365 Project Support
Communication is an important pillar in the effectiveness and efficiency of our services. We at EntroutWeb are proud to offer dedicated 24/7/365 support for all sizes of projects.

Design & Branding

Web & App Development

Online Marketing

Agency Solutions

Vision & Mission

We aspire to develop new technologies which help make the process of developing websites/apps easier and faster.

Our aim is to re-defining the web experience for users across the globe by putting creative and innovative ideas into reality using the power of modern day web technologies.

About ETS

Entrout Technology Services

EntroutWeb Inc. is a sub-division of Entrout Technology Services. ETS is a technology company that offers software and business solutions to help businesses thrive and prosper globally.

CEO Message

The excellence of EntroutWeb lies in the exceptional skills and abilities of our team. Our dedicated team will always go above and beyond in meeting your project requirements.

We never compromise with quality and never take on any project that we cannot handle. Transparency is one of our best traits as an organization and therefore, I assure you that with EntroutWeb you will always be in capable hands.

Sameer Bakshi
EntroutWeb Inc./ETS


We are not just all talk; checkout our portfolio to see how we can truly transform your online presence.


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