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AUTHOR: Sameer Bakshi
POSTED ON: 2021-01-22 00:57:24

Are you a small business owner that is looking to expand by creating a website? Surely, you must have come across many platforms that offer to build a website in 1, 2, 3 steps. As cost efficient as they sound; they are not very effective to be precise. By effective we mean that they might not be the best path for your business to prosper online.

There are many schools of thoughts in respect to how one should setup a business online. However, our years of experience in web services tells us that there is no magic to building a sustainable online business, but one and i.e. - Uniqueness of your services/products/brand. If your targeted customer base is not able to associate themselves with your business online then they will not be perceived by it either.

No matter how much $$ you spend on your marketing after; it will definitely not yield you the desired results. Therefore, rather than an investment your online venture will in reality become a total loss. Loss that might even cause you the end of your business entirely.

Platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Opencart, Shopify, etc are easy to work with. But, that easiness comes at a price. PRICE that instead of helping you grow; sets you back by miles.

Hence, we at EntroutWeb are experts in building unique, cutting-edge and custom-made web businesses. Our focus is to redefine the web user experience and build flawless websites that can help you open more doors to your business.

When we create you a website; all the components that are involved in the process of web design & development are built from scratch. This also gives us an upper hand in dealing with your special urgent requests. As we originally drafted the code by hand; we would exactly know what to change and where to change. Delivering you with the fastest and most innovative web solutions.

Not just the speed! Open-source platforms such as WordPress are prone to hacks, as the source code is widely available. Whereas, in our case the source code is private and deterrent of all sorts of hacking attacks. Yes, we assure you of 100% security for our in-house platform.

In the end, we would just like to ask you that if you build a website on Shopify or Wix using one of their pre-setup themes or templates then what would be the cons of it?
1. No Uniqueness - Another online business will have a same looking website as you.
2. Difficult to do custom modification, as per your business needs.
3. More expensive in the long run.
4. Marketing efforts will probably fail.
5. Not able to attract a niche target audience.
And the list goes on..

Thanks for your time and hope you enjoyed our article.

Take care!


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