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AUTHOR: Sameer Bakshi
POSTED ON: 2021-07-16 13:52:27

Do you have a website or are planning on creating one? Well, chances are that you might miss out on some important aspects of having a perfectly flawless website. Why so? Because, even the big companies sometimes have issues or bugs on their site that are not easily discovered or fixed. However, for SMBs it's critical to have a flawless website due to intense competition and high consumer expectations. If your business website has issues or bugs that are hindering your potential customers from interacting online with your business then your actual losses are not getting reported. Apart from that your website is also probably reducing your business's reliability level, professional identity, effectiveness, brand image, goodwill, etc in the eyes of your target audience.

So firstly what kind of issues do you need to look out for? Following are some of the issues:

Layout Issues: Often due to updates or new changes website codes get broken. This results in new pages or sections of your website looking good, but breaking older pages or sections. Therefore, whenever there are any new changes or updates to your website you should always double check every page or section of your website to make sure everything looks good.

Content Issues: Spelling mistakes, wrong grammar, etc may not only slack off users from your website, but even result in lowering your online search engine rankings causing you to lose business to your market competitors. If you are not good at writing professional content for your website; you should hire a professional website content writer who can help you overcome such issues.

Technical Issues: Links not working, website not responding, contact form not submitting, etc. Issues that are technical in nature and require coding knowledge. These issues require expert understanding of website coding or backend structure to be fixed. Imagine you as a user on your website trying to submit an enquiry about one of your services and the contact form does not work; what would you do next? Leave the website, correct? Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly test all your website features and functionality in order to not lose potential leads.

Cross Browser And Cross Device Issues: When testing your website you must make sure that you test your website on different popular browsers & devices. For instance most people use Google Chrome nowadays; however, apple users mostly use Safari on their iPhones or iPads. Hence, your website must be compatible on every browser that is in demand. Most of these browsers are free to download. Our recommended list of current browsers are Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Mozilla Firefox. Also, you must test your website's responsiveness on different screens i.e. - How your website looks on a desktop, tablet or mobile. 80% online users nowadays use mobile; still you should make sure that your website works flawlessly on desktop and tablet to avoid any loss of users. Because you never know where that next big order might come from.

Page Load Time Issues: There are many free online tools to check your website loading time. Google recommends your page load time to not be more than 2 seconds. If your website is taking too long to load then you will have a high bounce rate which is not good, as users are not even seeing your content and leaving even before your website loads. The best way to reduce your website load time is to use smaller images (less than 150KB), minimized script files, small sized embedded fonts and light weight third party plugin. A fast loading website can highly optimize your overall website performance.

Member After Login Issues: Sometimes website admins forget experiencing their website from the point of a member. This results in issues or bugs for after member login pages or sections going unnoticed; until a member reports them. Whilst it is good to have a customer feedback or help desk on your website to assist your users in case they encounter any technical issues on your website; we rather suggest that you should always be on top of such issues in the first place for an optimal user experience. Therefore, always test the internal sections of your website by creating a test sort of profile.

We hope that our advice above helps you in improving your website performance and building a loyal long-term online consumer base for your business.


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