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AUTHOR: Sameer Bakshi
POSTED ON: 2021-05-24 02:38:45

When will life return back to normal? What challenges lie ahead for global economies? How will this pandemic impact businesses in the long run? - These are just a few of the many questions that come to our minds daily. Frankly speaking nobody expected things to go this bad when COVID-19 first hit us all. But, there is a beacon of hope even in these vulnerable times that might just make thing better for local businesses worldwide.

That beacon of hope is transformation. Transformation from a traditional to a modern-day advanced style of business management. If COVID-19 is here to dismantle global economies then technology especially web is here to save the day. In our recent research into business transformations due to this pandemic; we have concluded that many companies have started to monetize more in the shade of this pandemic by simply adapting to their changing business environment scenarios. Even for most organizations depending on technology has proven to be more cost-effective, better for growth and more sustainable than otherwise.

Just have a look at the salon industry in India. Since, the lockdowns started to recently span across this vast country of 1.3 billion people approx. salon shops are the hardest hit of all businesses. But, that didn't stop them from running out of business. An app called "Urban Company" is collaborating with local haircut professionals to provide sanitary and safe salon related services at people's door step. Imagine if a local salon there had similar concept of a self-dedicated app to cater to the needs of it's own loyal customer base. In that scenario they would be free to manage their own services without having to deal with a mass multi-service provider like "Urban Company"; plus cutting-down on their competition and any "Urban Company" related commission charges.

Also, the whole game in this pandemic is about your business's reach. The most convenient part of this pandemic for businesses is that we all know where our target audiences right now are and that is - at home. And the best way to reach out to your target audience base at the moment is via Digital Media; which primarily includes web. Therefore, online marketing, if utilized properly in present times can give your business a vast competitive edge in your respective product or service market industry.

Wondering where to start and how to get your business ahead in these difficult times? We at EntroutWeb, are experts in helping businesses reach out to their right target audiences using various online marketing platforms. Our services range from organic solutions such as search engine optimization, social media promotion, etc to paid campaign management like AdWords, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, etc.

We bet that you will be amazed by the power of our web marketing expertise as we deliver you with top quality leads and conversions for your marketing campaigns. Our easy-to-understand weekly stats reports are carefully drafted by our expert marketing team to forever keep you in the loop for all your campaign's progress and achievements.

But, again in the end we would like to emphasize on the fact that the overall success in online marketing alike every other marketing initiative is subject to availability of competitive content, quality & size of target audience, brand appeal, competitors type, etc. Therefore, only after aptly analyzing everything for your campaign; we will confirm you the best possible marketing strategy for your campaign's success.

Contact us today! For a free-of-cost start-up marketing plan for your online business.


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