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AUTHOR: Sameer Bakshi
POSTED ON: 2021-01-18 00:57:42

Looking for an affordable website development solution for your business? Chances are that you might have come across a platform named WordPress. If not then WordPress is an open-source content management system that simplifies web design and web development for those who are not experts in coding or in building custom websites.

But, did you consider the pros and cons before proceeding with WordPress? If not then we are here to help. At EntroutWeb we like to be completely transparent with our partners who choose us as their trusted digital web agency solutions provider. Therefore, today we would like to help you understand an important aspect of web development that may or may not be highlighted elsewhere on the web.

First of all we would like to clarify that this blog post is not a marketing tactic for our company to upsell any of our services. We are simply trying to educate our target audience, so that they can make better informed decisions when it comes to web development for their business. Definitely alike everything else WordPress also has certain benefits that can make it a viable CMS solution; to begin with for small-medium scale businesses. But, whether it is a sustainable solution or not; is what we will try to focus upon here.

See if you do some of your own research then you will find out that WordPress sites are globally prone to highest number of hacking attacks every minute. Why is that? That is because WordPress is an open-source platform meaning the source code for WordPress is readily available to every person who downloads it or installs it on their website server. Once someone understands the basic workings of WordPress they can alter certain codes to hack into other websites running on WordPress.

Therefore, if your website is going to store sensitive user information such as emails, passwords, credit card info, etc then it is not wise to rely upon WordPress.

Hasn't WordPress themselves looked into this? Answers is yes and to counter such issues they even have many widgets or plugins available that are usually free to install. But, again the root of the problem is open-source and hence even then security is not 100% guaranteed.

Another key issue for you to keep in mind before going with WordPress is that WordPress requires regular updates i.e. - You need to update your themes, plugins, widgets, backend, etc on a timely basis to comply with their proper security norms. While doing so things might break on your website which can be a painful process to fix; sometimes even requiring expert help.

Passwords can also be easily compromised in WordPress. This happens due to wide availability of decryption techniques to hackers around the world. Somewhere or someone will find a way to decrypt WordPress passwords. Hence, allowing sensitive data on your server to be revealed.

We at EntroutWeb have an in-house encryption and decryption process the workings of which are only accessible by our team members. Our encryption-decryption process keeps updating internally to ensure optimum level security for your website data. This sort of a technology is more reliable and secure when it comes to storage of sensitive user information.

Keep in mind that this sort of reliability and security issues not only pertain to WordPress, but even to other open-source platforms such as Joomla, OpenCart, etc. Therefore, if you ask our expert opinion on this matter we would definitely say that a custom website is way more reliable and secure option for businesses to begin with. Also, even in the long run this can be a cost effective and efficient solution for your online business needs.

Hope you enjoyed this post!



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